Topics For Homeschool-Based Internet History Courses

Posted on: 11 November 2020

One of the issues that many homeschoolers have is keeping the curriculum modern and interesting. This can be especially difficult with classes regarding computer knowledge and computer history. If you are considering a unit study on internet history, then you may be wondering exactly how to tackle the topic. Here are some topics to consider that deal with this specific type of history. These ideas can help with middle school and high school students or be adjusted according to grade level. 

Internet and War

Wars may only come to mind when you are dealing with government or history classes. The truth is there are many modern wars in various countries where the internet has played a direct role. You can teach how the internet is used for communications and emails. You can also teach about how encryption has been used over the internet to share different pieces of information between countries. A specific area to start with would be how the internet was used during the Cold War. You can also focus on how it has been used in elections.

Social Media History

Social media and the growth of social media is a large topic to cover for internet history. It can give you several avenues to choose from. For example, you can go with how social media has changed business. You can also look at the internet history of social media in regards to privacy acts. In recent years, internet history has seen a focus on social media when it comes to how information is gathered and used from different platforms. In fact, you can point your students to recent videos and resources on the Senate hearings versus social media leaders and their methods as well as uses of private information. 

Education History

The internet plays a large role in education. You can see it used with colleges, online schools, homeschool co-ops, and even with small community-style classes. This expansion is still happening and has grown steadily over the last few decades. Focusing on the internet history of education and academics could give your student a heavy insight into how schools have grown and how information and academics are made available to anyone throughout the country and to most places in the world. 

These are just a few of the topics you can consider in internet history. Keep in mind, that you can also connect this main topic to things like legal history or grammar and research-based courses. Also, consider using sites that deal directly with internet history and that show full resources such as videos.


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