Reasons To Hire A Private Tutor For The ACT

Posted on: 19 January 2023

The ACT and the SAT are two of the most well-known and important tests for every high school student who has plans of going to college. Getting a good score on the ACT, for example, could mean the difference between a student getting into their dream school of choice or having to settle for their backup option. These high stakes often lead to students looking for an edge when test time comes around. If you want to give your own student the best possible chance of success, one possibility worth looking into could be one on one ACT test prep. Here's why you may want to hire your child a private tutor ahead of one of the most important tests of their life.

Get Personalized Tutoring

Sure, there are study guides online for tests like the ACT. But those tests may not account for the specific way that your child likes to learn. Does your child need more visual cues or more verbal reinforcement to really drive home certain topics? Your private tutor will take time to talk to your child and learn about his or her strengths as a student and how she or he prefers to learn or take in new information. Your hired tutor will customize the study plan for whatever is the best fit for your student.

Provide Motivation and Confidence

Getting into college is a big milestone but it can also cause a lot of anxiety as students move forward with the process of preparing their applications and studying for exams like the ACT. Your hired tutor can be there every step of the way to encourage and motivate your child. Your child may be able to see their progress or knowledge build over time with help from a tutor. This will in turn inspire confidence as the test day draws near. With the right tutor, your student can go into the test feeling confident about their chances instead of nervous about messing up.

Provide Ongoing Accountability

Some students need someone to give them a little extra push. If you know your child has had issues with accountability or turning in assignments on time in the past, you may want to hire a private tutor because it will help your student stay focused on this very important task. If the student is asked to study something between tutoring sessions, they are likely going to do it because they won't want to disappoint their tutor or ruin the next session by not showing up prepared.

For more information on one-on-one ACT test prep, contact a professional near you.


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