4 Ways Catholic Private Schools Can Prepare Your Child to Be a Successful Adult

Posted on: 27 April 2016

As your child gets older, there are a number of important decisions that need to get made. One of these options is the school that you are sending your child to. A number of schools offer the same type curriculum, but it's about the learning that surrounds the curriculum that can really make a difference for your child's growth and development. A Catholic private school offers a number of learning opportunities, but also features four different ways that your child can transition into being an adult. Going to school is all about building this foundation and there are many unique features of a religious private school that can help with this. As you are contemplating private school options, browse through these different advantages and see how they can help with your child.

Public Speaking

As an adult, public speaking is important for many jobs, meetings, and social situations. When attending a private school, your child has many opportunities to expand their public speaking skills. Along with traditional methods like class projects, daily prayers can help increase confidence and speaking skills. Numerous times throughout the school year your child will be chosen to lead the class through a daily prayer. At first these prayers may be read, but eventually it will expand to memorization and reciting in front of the class as a whole. The increased experience will only help build the skills and create a great public speaking foundation that can be used through many careers and skill training.

Honesty & Communication

Along with speaking to a whole classroom, Catholic private school allows your child to thrive in basic one-on-one communication skills. Values like honesty are preached through the class and expanded in different forms like confession. By having personal time with priests, teachers, and nuns, your child can effectively communicate their feelings and emotions on a daily basis. These communication skills are essential for the transition to adulthood. Learning proper communication can help with jobs or even basic things like a conversation with a customer service representative. Each year of learning will help expand this communication and lead to to skills that last a lifetime.

Community Service

Aside from classroom education, real values can be learned through a number of community services programs. Churches are often holding some type of community service that the children can be involved in. This includes outdoor cleaning, food drives, and craft projects that can be handed during different times like holidays. These types of services can help teach your child the value of giving, hard work, and the sense of a community. As your child grows older, the foundation of these community service skills can help them apply the same work ethic and giving attitude to others in need.

Student to Teacher Ratios

Every child has different needs when it comes to learning. Instead of falling behind or lacking in a certain subject, your child can get the extra attention that they need to thrive in troublesome areas and really master different subjects. The advantage of this comes with smaller student to staff ratios found at private schools. The average students per classroom for a private school is around 12. This is nearly half of the same amount found in public schools. The smaller classrooms gives your child the opportunity to get more one-on-one time and not fall through the cracks when trying to learn about a specific subject. This also allows a teacher to help you understand where your child is struggling and ways to improve the different areas at home. Classroom sizes will vary by school, but it's easy to find private schools with a limited amount of students per classroom.

Once you have decided on a school for your child, you can contact them for a tour and find out the information needed to enroll your child. For more information, contact schools like Saint Thomas Academy.


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